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herbert @ home: seb carrington

So, Seb do you actually like classical music?

Yes, I actually do. The first CD I ever owned was Vivaldi’s Cello Concertos and I used to listen to it all the time to the point that it made me really want to start playing the cello, so that’s what I did.

...then  I started playing the piano and it was amazing because it became a release. I’d sit for hours playing and lose track of time – it was calming and I could… express myself. It helped me through a rough patch when I was quite young -  it was something I could do that would completely take me out of myself.

So you took lessons ….

Yep, with a little old lady called Mrs. Haswell who lived down the road from me.  I’d go over for my lesson - a 30 minute lesson that always turned into 2 hours, we just couldn’t stop. I know, bit weird, but again it was just a really nice escape and I absolutely loved the way it made me feel.  

Did you ever consider playing professionally? 

You know, I did. I took my Grade 8 and Mrs Haswell encouraged me to apply for Birmingham Conservatoire for music.. but, I just didn’t end up applying – it was very expensive and I think the timing just wasn’t right.

 But I  toured with the county orchestra both with piano and cello… that’s actually how I met my flatmate Will … we used to play the cello together and would sometimes gig locally.


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